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Deliver The Captives Church - Temple of Praise

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Deliver The Captives Church - Temple of Praise 

3720 Farragut avenue, ste LL1, Kensington, MD 20895



Phone: 301 5267665

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Regular Hours

Sunday Worship Service      11 am,

Deliverance service 1:30pm

Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study Service 8:00pm (Virtual on Facebook live)


3720  Farragut ave, ste LL1, Kensington, MD 20895

Zoom Prayer Conference

Tue and Thu

6pm - 9pm


Welcome to Deliver The Captives Church - Temple of Praise

Matthew 16:18 "And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it."

Deliver The Captives Church - Temple of Praise is a friendly, bible believing church in Takoma Park. We are dedicated to the advancement of the Kingdom of God through the preaching of the uncompromised Word of God and displaying the love of Jesus to the community. Our mission is to win the souls and deliver them from the bondage of the enemy. 


Who We Are

Deliver The Captives Church - Temple of Praise is a non-profit, christian organization that provides outreach, counseling, healing and spiritual deliverance to people and families who are lost or experiencing set-backs and demonic attacks.


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We promote effective Christian counseling assisted with spiritual deliverance and healing to the church members, or anyone willing to be ministered. To work closely with churches, and give support in the area of spiritual deliverance and healing.


What Keeps Us Going (Testimonies)

"My name is Alain. I was out of job for 4 months and therefore my family was going through serious financial difficulties. After I received some prayers from the pastor at Deliver the Captives church, I was offered a job THE SAME DAY. Glory be to God!"



 "After I delivered my third child through C-section, I kept having constant pain at lower abdomen. A friend of mine invited me the the Miracle service and during the worship, I was miraculously healed, no more pain at all. Glory be to God!"



Greetings Pastor, I did not found your email...
Margaret Kalufyanya 3:09am Feb 18
Greetings Pastor,
I did not found your email address.

In 2012, my car was giving up on me so I decided I had to buy another car. I asked around for the amount of a particular car I was interested in and was told $8000. In the latter part of 2012, I purposed in my heart that I would not have a car note and so decided to set money aside each month towards the purchase of the new car. Shortly after this declaration it was as though there was sound to alert forces from the other kingdom such that there were deaths and serious sicknesses of close family members one after another within a period of 3 months. The car funds kept going for these causes, but I kept reminding my Lord about the car note issue and the more I did the more I had to help back home. Before the end of the year, I called a friend to help me get any car from the dealership who promised to go with me once he came back from his visit home. In the process of waiting, I went to my boss mentioned that I would be taking a day off to go looking for another car. They were grateful for being considerate as to have given them ample time to make up for my absence. 
On December 9th 2012, Pastor Samy invited a guest speaker. When the man of God started speaking, he was excited about the word in the bulletin as that was his message. He preached from Isaiah 44:1-8 and 43:15, and entitled his message a new thing. What touched my spirit from this message were a few points that I went back to the Lord and based my case on. He said from the passage that the Lord will make a way through the mighty waters (he also could not comprehend a way in the mighty waters). But the word of God being the word I took it as it was and used it as my prayer guide. He also mentioned that something is old for one person but as comes to you, it becomes a new thing. He said how much you believe also counts and to position yourself to be in place of a miracle as a miracle occurs where there is a need. 
Two weeks past while waiting for my friend, my boss asked if I would be interested in his Honda accord as he was thinking of getting rid of it. Not having much experience about cars, I told him I would ask my mechanic to look at the car and see whether it was worthy buying. I was given the car to take to my mechanic who immediately said I should go for it. The initial offer was $3000 but because my mechanic said they were a few repairs to be done on it, my boss decided to give it at $1500 settled in installments. This car is a Honda accord 1999 and has 87000 miles and running perfect. What has really amazed me it that even my insurance has not changed my old car.
I declared no car note and my God has brought it to pass.

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